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Afternoon Workshops
Play Education Larissa - Model space for experiential education and play - Larissa


"Play Education Larissa" is the ideal destination for children looking for creative and fun experiences after school. Afternoon workshops offer a variety of activities that encourage expression, creativity and the development of new skills.

The possibilities are endless at "Play Education Larissa", with workshops that cover all the interests and concerns of children. Let's take a look at some of the interesting workshops on offer:

  • Painting and Musical Mess: Here children can let their imaginations run wild through colors and notes, creating unique works of art.
  • Dance Kids and Hip Hop Dance: Kids can discover the joy of dance through fun and educational dance classes, enhancing their movement and confidence.
  • Crafts and Constructions: Creativity flourishes through workshops where children make their own handmade art and constructions.
  • Games in the Yard: Children have the opportunity to discover nature and the playful world of the yard through fun activities.

These are just some of the many workshops that "Play Education Larisa" offers. From painting and dancing to crafts and scientific robotics, there is something for every child. Little explorers can discover the world through fun activities and develop new skills.

We find "Play Education Larissa" at 35 Hefaistou Street, ready to welcome children on an adventure of learning, creation and fun.