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Play Education Larissa
Model space for experiential education and play - Larissa


In the heart of Larissa is a special place that has embraced the imagination and curiosity of children for several years. "Play Education Larissa", a place of Experiential Education and Play, has opened its doors since 2015 and continues to inspire and teach through the joy of creation and play.

This space is an impressive combination of innovation, creation and entertainment, where children have the opportunity to discover and learn in the most authentic way. By using the experiential method, children come into direct contact with the subject of learning through research projects, observations and fun, specialized activities.

One of the key features that makes "Play Education Larissa" so special is the environmental awareness that distinguishes it. All activities are made with materials that are recycled or renewed, offering an example of sustainable practice to young students. In fact, materials are chosen that require the least possible energy for their production, thus enhancing children's awareness of the human impact on the environment.

In "Play Education Larisa", creation meets play, communication combines with emotion and development goes hand in hand with education. Through this pioneering approach, children develop not only knowledge, but also skills that will accompany them at every stage of their lives.

In "Play Education Larisa", learning becomes an unforgettable adventure, a gateway to discovery and growth. Here, children's curiosity is fed, imagination flourishes and knowledge is made meaningful through the emotional and creative experience on offer. By combining fun activities with play and learning, children develop confidence and the ability to face challenges with creativity and intelligence.

In "Play Education Larisa", play becomes learning, learning becomes play, and every moment is an opportunity for new achievements and discoveries. And it all started from an idea that has been flourishing since 2015, bringing the world of education and play into an alternative, fun and inspiring space.