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Morning Class
Play Education Larissa - Model space for experiential education and play - Larissa


In the wonderful world of education and play, "Play Education Larissa" is the perfect destination for the first steps of our little friends. In this morning section, young students are confronted with a stable and organized group, find their own friends and gain autonomy with safety, tenderness and love.

The "Baby Boom Play" program is the ideal opportunity for children to start their day full of energy and smiles. This customized and developmentally appropriate program offers creative workshops that fill a child's morning with fun activities full of color, music, movement and experimentation. Through experiential play, children come into contact with the learning object, experiment and at the same time discover the joy of learning.

"Baby Boom Play" is aimed at children from 15 months and offers a friendly and safe environment where young learners can develop their skills and have fun in the company of other children. Creative workshops fill their morning with excitement and curiosity, giving them the opportunity to explore and discover the world around them.

Find out about our workshops and book your place for the free trial class! We are located at 35 Hefaistos in Larissa, ready to welcome our little stars on an adventure of learning and fun.